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  Project Author
Recap your SR-2000 power supply. N2ZD
SX-99 Restoration
Japanese Translation
Takafumi Ueno
Powder Coating Tips KA5ELD
S-19R Sky Buddy Restoration KB9TMY
TW-2000 Restoration KB9TMY
SR-46A Restoration KB9TMY
FPM-300 Modifications KA0VSL
Modify your SR-2000 for Low Power Opertion. W9GXJ
SR-2000 Power Supply Restoration AC1Y
SR-150 Power Output Mod K0TNP
SR-160 to SR-500 MOD WD0GOF
HT-46 Meter Replacement F5VBY
Soup up your SX-71 KO6BB
A Prototype HT-18 KA5ELD
Secrets of the SX-28 Gearbox KB9TMY
SX-28 Dial Replacement KB9TMY

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