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Other Related Links for the Vintage Radio Enthusiast and Shortwave Listener!

With this search page (HP) you enter the most complete catalog of Old Time radios. It also includes crystal receivers, TV, speakers, rectifiers, Hi-Fi amplifiers, record players, tape recorders, microphones, Old Time amateur gear, "boat anchors" etc. Virtual radio museum and antique radio catalog
The Online Radio & TV Library - The documents of AM FM & TV Broadcasting history American Radio History
The History of the Car Radio has a nice timeline of radio and audio systems throughout the years with additional links to information on early radio and broadcasting. The History of the Car Radio
Western Historic Radio Museum Vintage Radio Communication Equipment Rebuilding & Restoration Articles, Vintage Radio History and WHRM Radio Photo Galleries, 1909 to 1959. Western Historic Radio Museum
Phil's Old Radios is one of the world's first websites for antique radios and TVs, launched in 1995 and still going strong. You can view a large gallery of vintage radios, TVs, and related items, and read many restoration articles explaining how he restored them. Phil's Old Radios
LA5KI Website.
Wonderful website with much information on Hallicrafters radios and a multitude of other manufacturer's equipment with photos.
JustRadios - Capacitors and Schematics for Tube Radios.
Specializes in high voltage film and electrolytic capacitors for tube radios. Also carries Antique Radio Schematics and service information.
Ontheshortwaves.com is devoted primarily to the history of shortwave broadcasting and the shortwave broadcast DX hobby. We also cover early broadcast band DXing and other aspects of early radio. In 1959, the Hallicrafters Company produced a 14-minute, 45 rpm promotional record, narrated by noted "Man on the Go" journalist Alex Dreier which is available here or the "Articles, Research, etc." link. On the Shortwaves
"The AA9TT Website - Welcome to my World " This website is about the equipment that has been and is used by FCC Licensed Operators in the "Amateur Radio Service". AA9TT Amateur Radio Services
Go beyond the Hallicrafters and SWL Email Reflectors at QTH.NET! Every conceivable area of interest in Amateur Radio has an email reflector and full access to years of informative email archives. All categories of old radios are covered, including Heathkit, Swan, and Collins. Check it out! Mail Lists @ QTH.NET!
Need a manual? Check here first! Ken, K4XL, has manuals on line for many Hallicrafters rigs and other boatanchors. A continuously expanding archive. Bookmark this one and check in regularly for additions. Thanks, Ken, for this valuable on-line resource! K4XL Boatanchor Manual Archive
The Hallicrafter Collector, Chuck Dachis, author of the definitive reference "Radios by Hallicrafters," has a museum on line, and much, much more. A must see! The Hallicrafter Collector
"The Hammarlund Historian." Best resource around for Hammarlund enthusiasts. Site is now being revitalized; includes many on-line manuals and schematics! HAMMARLUND Historian
"Antique Radios by Watkins." Information for the Antique Radio restorer by the author of the S-38 restoration project Antique Radios by Watkins
Prime Time Shortwave!
THE BEST SOURCE for up-to-date schedules of English Language Shortwave Broadcasts. Web site includes access to schedules and DX Media files.
The Millenium QSYer
A must for visually impaired hams using ICOM radios.
Millenium QSYer
Max Robinson's Web Site
An outstanding web site for restorers of tube radios. Best treatment of "All American Five" restoration I've seen!
Fun With Tubes
K5MBX's Halli Virtual Museum
Charlie Hugg's sizable, well presented collection of our favorite kind of radio.
K5MBX Web Site
Brian Ripley, K8BR, is "The S-38 Guy!"
Visit his extraordinary web site dedicated to this famous line of Hallicrafters Radios made from 1946 to 1961. Many tips and mods!
The S-38 Guy
I have received numerous requests for a CD covering the R-4A and T-4X. Here is the "other" one, for the 13 tube (early) version of the R-4A! Hopefully people have not given up, or the requests were not all from the same person, but ...
This CD is for the 13 tube version of the R-4A (s/n 2000 - 4053). The T-4X was also in a state of flux, as I have found three distinct versions of the schematic, none dated or otherwise identified. Of course both R-4A schematics are included, plus all three (now four) T-4X schematics. There are 61 pages, 35 of which are in high resolution color, in the Service Manual. The CD for the 11 tube version of the R-4A (s/n 4054 - 6999) is also available. Of course both (now three) R-4A schematics are included, plus all three (now four) T-4X schematics. There are 58 pages, 32 of which are in high resolution color, in the Service Manual. Along with the Manual directory with quality scans of the C-4, L-4B, FS-4, MN-2000, W-4 and other original manuals, there are the usual batch of miscellaneous files with field changes, modifications, troubleshooting tips, etc. The CD for either version (13 or 11 tube) of the R-4A is $25 delivered. Each will also include the T-4X, and the Manual and Miscellaneous directories. A combined version, including BOTH R-4A versions plus all T-4X data, will be $45 delivered. All the previous CDs for the 2-B, 2-C/2-NT, B-Line, C-Line, TR-4 and TR-4C are still available too! -- 73, Garey - K4OAH Glen Allen, VA
Drake 2-B, 2-C/2-NT, 4A, 4-B, C-Line& TR-4/C Service Supplement CDs

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