Vintage Radio DX 100 Award
by W. David Paperman


The intent of this award program is to further encourage the restoration and operation of Vintage Amateur Radio equipment. The Vintage Radio DX Award is a personal achievement award which demonstrates the individuals ability to both restore and satisfactorily operate Vintage Amateur radio equipment. The award is also testimony to the durability and agelessness of Vintage radio equipment. This award is based on the HONOR SYSTEM. Participants are not required to show proof of having met the requirements of this award.

The DX 100 Award Certificate. Click here to enlarge image.

The DX 100 Award Certificate. Click here to enlarge image.


a. THIS AWARD is available to any licensed amateur radio operator having completed two way radio contact with any other licensed amateur radio in no less than 100 recognized countries having an active, indigenous amateur community which allows unrestricted amateur-to-amateur contact. The award is not endorseable as to additional country count.

b. CONTACTS must have been made with a resident amateur operator. Expeditions, portable operations, etc. do not count for this award.

c. ALL contact must have been made from the applicants' country of residence.

d. Contacts with Maritime and Aeronautical mobiles do not count for these awards.

e. CONTACTS must have been made with VINTAGE radio equipment. For the purpose of this award a VINTAGE RADIO must meet the following requirements:

(1) The manufacturer of the radio used must NO LONGER MANUFACTURE amateur radio equipment.

(2) The radio equipment must have been produced prior to January 1, 1975.

The SOLE EXCEPTIONS to 2.E.2 shall be the Drake "C" line and Collins KWM2 which, due to their extraordinarily long production runs shall be eligible regardless of year of manufacture.

(3) The Radio must use vacuum tubes. The minimum quantity tubes used shall be in the Power Amplifier stage(s).

(4) MILITARY RADIO equipment must meet the requirement set forth above with the following EXCEPTION: The limitation on the manufacturer currently producing amateur equipment is waived.

COMMENT: e(4) above does NOT INCLUDE military equipment concurrently sold in the same form to the amateur market as amateur equipment. Form is defined as electronic and electromechanical specification similarity, not difference is cosmetic appearance.

(5) HOME-BREW equipment is added to the list of eligibility under the following conditions:

(a) The RECEIVER utilized for the purpose of obtaining this award must be either fully "Home-brew" or, if commercial meet the requirements stated in E.1-4 above.

(b) The TRANSMITTER utilized for the purpose of obtaining this award must be "Home-brew" and utilize vacuum tubes in at least the driver and output sections.


(1) Each individual Vintage Radio System shall be eligible for its' own DX100 award. A System can be either a transmitter and receiver combination or a transceiver.

(2) There are two power categories of awards: LOW POWER (Less than 150 Watts power output) and HIGH POWER (More than 150 Watts power output).

(3) MODES of operation: Certificates will be available for the following modes: a) Mixed; b) CW; c) AM d) SSB; e) FM (Limited to the 10 meter band); and f) DIGITAL.

(4) BANDS of operation are limited to the following: a) 160 Meters; b) 75/80 Meters; c) 40 Meters; d) 20 Meters; e) 15 Meters; f) 10 Meters. Since most Vintage radios are not capable of operation on the WARC bands with out extensive modifications, awards for WARC band operation are not available. WARC band contacts cannot be counted towards the DX100 country awards.


(1) Submit a list of countries worked in ALPHABETICAL order. The list must contain the following information:

(a) Country NAME.

(b) CALLSIGN worked.

(c) DATE of QSO.


(e) MODE

(2) A cover letter containing the following information:

(a) Name of requesting operator (as it should appear on the certificate).

(b) Call sign of requesting operator.

(c) Mailing Address

(d) MAKE and MODEL of Vintage radio for which the certificate is requested. A serial number should be included if practical.

(e) MODE endorsement requested

(f) POWER level used

(g) A statement to the effect that all contacts were made according to Vintage Radio DX100 rules and rules by the participants licensing authority that were in effect at the time the contacts were accomplished.

(3) Award costs and postage requirements:

(a) A check or money order made out to W. David Paperman, W5WP or cash in the amount of $3.00 to cover the direct costs of the certificate, mailing materials and postage. Applicants from outside the United States, Canada and Mexico should remit $5.00 or 6 IRC's


(c) Send the list, cover letter and remittance to:

W. David Paperman, W5WP

19266 Sims

Cleveland, TX 77328-6205


Certificates will be 11 X 8.5 inches on blue certificate stock. The following information will appear on the certificate: Recipients name; Radio make, model and serial number and mode of operation. IF ALLOWED by copyright and trademark laws, the LOGO of the radio manufacturer will also appear on the certificate.


To view current list of certificates earned, see menu at left. Under main heading "Features", click "DX100 Award Honor Roll."

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