SR-2000 HV Tick

    SR-2000 HV Tick
By Jim Liles, K9AXN

We posted a note on the Hallicrafters reflector some time ago regarding a tick when the high voltage is applied with the SR-2000 - P2000. We successfully cleared the problem by cleaning the P-2000 connector. Since then it has reappeared. We now have a definite fix.

Both the P-2000 and SR-2000 connectors have a metal jacket. The P-2000 connector has a plastic insert that is held in place by a screw. The screw, when inserted, contacts the metal jacket and apparently is too close to the 2700 volt pin. This causes a static voltage to build on the jacket that finally arcs to the jacket in the SR-2000 causing a tick and noise of varying duration. The fix is simply to replace the metal screw with a nylon version. The absence of the tick and reduced noise level is worth the five minute change.

Kindest regards, Jim K9AXN

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