I just discovered that the back covers for the S-38 and S-38A are

available as a reproduction item. To quote from his web page: "This is

the back you want. It's the one that's missing from every S-38 and S-38A

shown in online auction sites. A nice S-38 or S-38A with a near perfect

back can bring almost $200. Get the back you need to finish your


Manufactured with the same material and by the same company that made

them for Hallicrafters. With a new back in place, your radio will look


Comes complete with a set of the correct black sheet-metal screws and

two die-cut punch outs for the headphone jacks position variations."

His web site is http://www.radioantiques.com/mall.html

I think that this would be a good addition to the HCI web page "Help,

Hints & How To" since most S-38s seem to be missing this piece.


Ken K4XL


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