Reduce Heat in Transformers

    Reduce Heat in Transformers
By Ken Ketner, KA5ELD

I have tried the Weber Copper Cap TM solid state rectifier tube replacement. They can be found at These are not just diodes, but are complete replacement for standard rectifier tubes, that mimic the tube's slow start properties, and operating properties, but have no draw on the filament line in the transformer. I have been using them in my Hallis and like them. I have no connection with the company, mileage may vary, etc. Certainly helps the overloaded transformer to run cooler.

Here's a picture of one for the 5Y3/5U4. This thing is the size of a 5Y3-GT, and the copper top is actually a heavy formed copper shell, which dissipates heat nicely. It is set up to mimic all the properties of a tube rectifier, but minus the filament current.


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