Hallicrafters IF Frequencies

    Hallicrafters IF Frequencies
By Walt Cates, WD0GOF


Hallicrafters Sky Buddy(early) IF: 465kHz

Hallicrafters Sky Buddy(S19R) IF: 455kHz

Hallicrafters Sky Champion(early) IF: 465kHz

Hallicrafters Sky Champion (S20R) IF: 455kHz

Hallicrafters Sky Challenger S(X)15 IF: 465kHz

Hallicrafters Sky Challenger II S(X)18 IF: 465kHz

Hallicrafters Super Skyrider S(X)16 IF: 455kHz

Hallicrafters Skyrider SX23 IF: 455kHz

Hallicrafters Skyrider Defiant SX24 IF: 455kHz

Hallicrafters HC100 IF: ca.17MHz, 455kHz

Hallicrafters S-10 IF: 1600kHz

Hallicrafters S-11 IF: 465kHz

Hallicrafters S-12 IF: 1600kHz

Hallicrafters S-17 IF: 465kHz

Hallicrafters S-21 IF: 1600kHz

Hallicrafters S-22 IF: 1600kHz

Hallicrafters SX24 IF 455kHz

Hallicrafters SX25 IF: 455kHz

Hallicrafters S-27 IF: 5.25MHz

Hallicrafters SX28 IF: 455kHz

Hallicrafters S-36 IF: 5.25MHz

Hallicrafters S-37 IF: 18MHz, Range: 130-210MHz

Hallicrafters S-38 IF: 455kHz, Range: 0.54-32MHz

Hallicrafters S-39 IF: 455kHz

Hallicrafters S-40 IF: 455kHz?

Hallicrafters S-40A IF: 455kHz, 0.54-43MHz 6SG7 6SA7 6SK7 6SQ7 6F6 6C5? 6H6...

Hallicrafters S-40B IF: 455kHz, 0.54-43MHz?

Hallicrafters SX42 IF: 455kHz(AM), 10.7MHz (FM) 0.54-110MHz

Hallicrafters SX43 IF: 455kHz, 10.7MHz (above 44MHz) 0.54-55MHz, 86-109MHz

Hallicrafters S-47 IF: 0.54-1.72 & 5.9-18.2MHz 88-108MHz

Hallicrafters S-51 IF:? 132-13 000kHz

Hallicrafters S-52 IF: 455kHz

Hallicrafters S-53 IF: 0.54-31MHz, 48-54.5MHz IF: 2075kHz

Hallicrafters SX62A IF: 0.54-110MHz IF: 455kHz, 10.7MHz(VHF)

Hallicrafters SX71 IF: 2075, 455kHz

Hallicrafters S-72 IF: 455kHz

Hallicrafters SX73 IF: 6MHz (above 7MHz), 455kHz

Hallicrafters S-76 IF: 1650kHz, 50kHz

Hallicrafters S-77 IF: 455kHz

Hallicrafters S-85 IF: 455kHz

Hallicrafters S-86 IF: 455kHz

Hallicrafters SX88 IF: 2075kHz (1550kHz on MF), 50kHz

Hallicrafters S-94 IF: 10.7MHz

Hallicrafters S-95 IF: 10.7MHz

Hallicrafters S-96 IF: 1650kHz 50kHz

Hallicrafters SX99 IF: 455kHz

Hallicrafters SX100 IF: 1650kHz, 50kHz

Hallicrafters SX101 IF: 1650kHz, 50.5kHz

Hallicrafters SX101 MkIIIA IF: 1650kHz, 50.75kHz

Hallicrafters SX111 IF: 1650kHz 50.75kHz

Hallicrafters SX115 IF: 6005-6505kHz, 1005kHz, 50kHz

Hallicrafters SX117 IF: 6.0-6.5MHz, 1650kHz, 50kHz

Hallicrafters S-118 IF: 455kHz

Hallicrafters S-120 IF: 455kHz

Hallicrafters SX122 IF: 1650kHz, 50kHz

Hallicrafters SX122A IF: 1650kHz, 50kHz

Hallicrafters SX130 IF: 1650kHz

Hallicrafters SX140 IF: 1650kHz

Hallicrafters SX146 IF: 9MHz

Hallicrafters SR34 IF: 23.25MHz, 1.65MHz

Hallicrafters SR-150 IF: 6.0-6.5MHz, 1650kHz

Hallicrafters SR-160 IF: 5.2MHz

Hallicrafters SR-400 "Cyclone" IF: 6.0-6.5MHz, 1650kHz

Hallicrafters SR-2000 "Hurricane" IF: 6.0-6.5MHz, 1650kHz

Hallicrafters FPM300 IF: 9MHz

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