by Phil Atchley, KO6BB

Seeking Beacons With Mr. Beacon KO6BB

I've been kinda dragging my tail all day. The band really opened up last night and I was up till after 4:00AM local chasing them thar beacons. I logged 48 New for the summer season beacons, which included 4 brand new ones (for me). The R-390a is really proving it's worth on longwave now. The new preamp really shines AND it has such high dynamic range I don't even need to switch in the Low pass filter to cut out BCB intermod, even when listening just below 530kHz. In fact I picked up a new Alaska beacon at 529kHz that I could NEVER hear on any other set due to splatter from the TIS stations on 530kHz. Not even on the R-71A that I had tricked out with expensive Filters etc.

Below is a complete list of all my summer beacon loggings for this year. It has 282 individual beacons and is down some from last summer as I didn't listen during the first two months or so of the season. About the first two thirds of the log were heard on the Hallicrafters SX-71 and homebrewed longwave converter, the last third heard on the R-390A receiver (In just the past couple weeks). Antenna used is the Amplified 60 foot long sloper.

NDB Log Notes:

1. Canada is doing away with all single letter NDB callsigns, being implemented as quickly as they can service and reprogram the beacons. All single letter callsigns will be replaced by "Zed" callsigns that contain three letters and start with "Z".

2. Frequencies Listed are the assigned frequencies of the beacon. As I listen in the CW mode and use very narrow bandwidths actual frequency heard differs by the "Offset" or modulation frequency, typically either +/-400 or +/-1020Hz. Exceptions where I wasn't sure of which sideband I heard and didn't know the assigned frequency (as for beacon LVM) I listed the "Actual" frequency which is annotated by an "A". Example: 305.1A.

The Logs:

Call   kHz             Location 

AOC 200 Arco, ID USA

UAB 200 Anahim Lake, BC Canada

YJ 200 Victoria, BC Canada

X 201 Canada (Two possible locations)

NSI 203 San Nicolas Island, CA, USA

TCY 203 Tracy, CA USA

YBL 203 Campbell River, BC Canada

COR 205 Corcoran, CA USA

GLS 206 Galveston, TX USA

PWT 206 Bremerton, WA USA

YNE 207 Norway House, MB Canada

AEC 209 Mercury, NV USA

HGT 209 Jolon, CA USA

IB 209 Atikokan, ON Canada

HDG 211 Gooding, ID USA

BY 212 Beechy, SK Canada

YGX 212 Gillam, MB Canada

CHX 214 Choix, Mexico

LU 214 Abbotsford, BC Canada

EC 217 Cedar City, UT USA

PR 218 Prince Rupert, BC Canada

RL 218 Red Lake, ON Canada

HLE 220 Hailey, ID USA

VI 220 Visalia, CA USA

QU 221 Grand Prairie, AB Canada

MY 222 Marysville, CA USA

YKA 223 Kamloops, BC Canada

YYW 223 Armstrong, ON Canada

DN 224 Dauphin, MB Canada

LWG 225 Corvallis, OR USA

CG 227 Castlegar, BC Canada

SJY 227 Hemet, CA USA

PD 230 Pendleton, OR USA

SM 230 Sacramento, CA USA

YD 230 Smithers, BC Canada

GP 232 Gaspe, QC Canada

LG 233 Long Beach, CA USA

FOR 236 Forsyth, MT USA

GNI 236 Grand Isle, LA USA

YZA 236 Ashcroft, BC Canada

MPA 238 Nampa, ID USA

OJ 239 High Level, AB Canada

BVS 240 Burlington, WA USA

YLL 241 Lloydminster, AB Canada

EL 242 El Paso, TX USA

XC 242 Cranbrook, BC Canada

ZT 242 Port Hardy, BC Canada

TH 244 Thompson, MB Canada

AN 245 San Diego, CA USA

FS 245 Sioux Falls, SD USA

HE 245 Hope, BC Canada

TLR 245 Tulare, CA USA

ILT 247 Albuquerque, NM USA

YLH 247 Lansdowne House, ON Canada

QL 248 Lethbridge, AB Canada

WG 248 Winnipeg, MB Canada

JC 249 San Jose, CA USA

2J 250 Grand Forks, BC Canada

FO 250 Flin Flon, MB Canada

AM 251 Amarillo, TX USA

YCD 251 Nanaimo, BC Canada

UR 253 Burbank, CA USA

HCY 257 Cowley, WY USA

LW 257 Kelowna, BC Canada

XE 257 Saskatoon, SK Canada

ZSJ 258 Sandy Lake, ON Canada

PBY 259 Kayenta, AZ USA

AP 260 Denver, CO USA

X 260 Prince George, BC Canada

YSQ 260 Atlin, BC Canada

UAD 263 Salinas, CA USA

ZL 263 Liard River, BC Canada

ZPB 264 Sachigo Lake, ON Canada

FA 266 Fresno, CA USA

SAA 266 Saratoga, WY USA

SL 266 Salem, OR USA

VR 266 Vancouver, BC Canada

XD 266 Edmonton, AB Canada

CII 269 Choteau, MT USA

UDE 269 Delta, MB Canada

YK 269 Castlegar, BC Canada

ZW 269 Teslin, YT Canada

SC 271 Stockton, CA USA

XS 272 Prince George, BC Canada

YLB 272 Lac La Biche, AB Canada

Z5 274 Vulcan, AB Canada

AV 275 St Andrews, MB Canada

GEY 275 Greybull, WY USA

GUY 275 Guyman, OK USA

PLS 275 Polson, MT USA

3H 276 Consort, AB Canada

CEP 278 Ruidoso, NM USA

OS 278 Los Angeles, CA USA

XSD 278 Tonopah, NV USA

GVV 280 Grangeville, ID USA

IPA 280 Easter Island, Chile

FFZ 281 Mesa, AZ USA

GWF 282 Lancaster, CA USA

DPG 284 Dugway Proving Ground, UT, USA

MXR 284 Raton, NM USA

QD 284 The Pas, MB Canada

8G 286 Stettler, AB Canada

EKS 286 Ennis, MT USA

PE 287 Peace River, AB Canada

AOP 290 Rock Springs, WY USA

QR 290 Regina, SK Canada

YYF 290 Penticton, BC Canada

CRD 293 Conrad, MT USA

BMC 294 Brigham City, UT USA

LGD 296 La Grande, OR USA

TV 299 Turner Valley, AB Canada

LAP 300 La Paz, Mexico

6K 302 Vernon, BC Canada

PU 302 Pueblo, CO USA

QW 302 North Battleford, SK Canada

LVM 305.1A Livingston, MT USA

ONO 305 Ontario, OR USA

RO 305 Roswell, NM USA

YQ 305 Churchill, MB Canada

Z1 305 Three Hills, AB Canada

E 308 Edmonton, AB Canada

9Y 311 Pincher Creek, AB Canada

MVI 311 Monte Vista, CO USA

4J 314 Knee Lake, MB Canada

VC 317 La Ronge, SK Canada

YQF 320 Red Deer, AB Canada

FT 321 Denver, CO USA

ID 324 Idaho Falls, ID USA

DC 326 Princeton, BC Canada

MA 326 Midland, TX USA

MCY 326 Mercury, NV USA

XJ 326 Fort St John, BC Canada

YQK 326 Kenora, ON Canada

PDG 327 Watsonville, CA USA

5J 328 Coronation, AB Canada

FIA 329 Socorro, NM USA

TAD 329 Trinidad, CO USA

YHN 329 Hornepayne, ON Canada

CAO 330 Clayton, NM USA

GLE 330 Gainesville, TX USA

IA 332 Portland, OR USA

POA 332 Pahoa, HI Hawaii

VT 332 Buffalo Narrows, SK Canada

WC 332 Whiterock, BC Canada

XH 332 Medicine Hat, AB Canada

STI 333 Mountain Home, ID USA

P2 332 Wetaskiwin, AB Canada

CC 335 Concord, CA USA

CVP 335 Helena, MT USA

NA 337 Santa Ana, CA USA

ESY 338 West Yellowstone, MT USA

PBT 338 Red Bluff, CA USA

RYN 338 Tucson, AZ USA

ZU 338 Whitecourt, AB Canada

MKR 339 Glasgow, MT USA

AK 341 Oakland, CA USA

ALM 341 Alamogordo, NM USA

JHN 341 Johnson, KS USA

SG 341 Santa Fe, NM USA

YZH 343 Slave Lake, AB Canada

BKU 344 Baker, MT USA

FCH 344 Fresno, CA USA

GNC 344 Seminole, TX USA

POY 344 Powell, WY USA

XX 344 Abbotsford, BC Canada

YC 344 Calgary, AB Canada

YXL 346 Sioux Lookout, ON Canada

LFA 347 Klamath Falls, OR USA

PA 347 Prince Albert, SK Canada

SBX 347 Shelby, MT USA

MNC 348 Shelton, WA USA

NUC 350 San Clemente Island, CA USA

NY 350 Enderby, BC Canada

ON 350 Newport, OR USA

RG 350 Oklahoma City, OK US

SWU 350 Idaho Falls, ID USA

AE 351 Albuquerque, NM USA

NO 351 Reno, NV USA

YKQ 351 Waskaganish, QC Canada

5F 353 Fox Creek, AB Canada

AL 353 Walla Walla, WA USA

CY 353 Cheyenne, WY USA

LLD 353 Lanai City, HI Hawaii

LWT 353 Lewistown, MT USA

RNT 353 Renton, WA USA

HI 356 Portland, OR USA

MEF 356 Medford, OR USA

OPZ 356 Lopez Island, WA USA

SA 356 Sacramento, CA USA

T 356 Saskatoon, SK Canada

ZF 356 Yellowknife, NT Canada

ZXE 356 Saskatoon, SK Canada

BO 359 Boise, ID USA

SDY 359 Sidney, MT USA

YAZ 359 Tofino, BC Canada

YQZ 359 Quesnel, BC Canada

6T 362 Foremost, AB Canada

HBK 362 Hinchinbrook, AK Alaska

RPX 362 Roundup, MT USA

IOM 363 McCall, ID USA

AA 365 Fargo, ND USA

FT 365 Ft Worth, TX USA

HQG 365 Hugoton, KS USA

SFF 365 Spokane, WA USA

MO 367 Modesto, CA USA

RD 367 Redding, CA USA

GYM 368 Guaymas, Mexico

SIR 368 Sinclair, WY USA

SX 368 Cranbrook, BC Canada

VX 368 Dafoe, SK Canada

ZP 368 Sandspit, BC Canada

ZVR 368 Vancouver, BC Canada

YBV 370 Berens River, MB Canada

ITU 371 Great Falls, MT USA

TVY 371 Tooele, UT USA

UK 371 Ukiah, CA USA

YK 371 Yakima, WA USA

ZPA 372 Prince Albert, SK Canada

EP 373 Estevan Point, BC Canada

MF 373 Medford, OR USA

TF 373 Pueblo, CO USA

LV 374 Livermore, CA USA

8H 375 St Paul, AB Canada

DW 375 Tulsa, OK USA

FS 375 Fort Simpson, NT Canada

K2 376 Olds Didsbury, AB Canada

YAG 376 Fort Francis, ON Canada

LXV 378 Leadville, CO USA

OT 378 North Bend, OR USA

SF 379 San Francisco, CA US

YBE 379 Uranium City, SK Canada

BBD 380 Brady, TX USA

GC 380 Gillette, WY USA

OEL 380 Oakley, KS USA

AW 382 Arlington, WA USA

GRN 382 Guerrero Negro Mexic

YE 382 Fort Nelson, BC Canada

PI 383 Pocatello, ID USA

BF 385 Bakersfield, CA USA

MR 385 Monterey, CA USA

QV 385 Yorkton, SK Canada

WL 385 Williams Lake, BC Canada

SYF 386 St. Francis, KS USA

3Z 388 Taber, AB Canada

AM 388 Tampa, FL USA

JW 388 Jumping Pound Creek,

MM 388 Fort Mc Murray, AB Canada

MS 388 McInnes Island, BC Canada

TW 389 Twin Falls, ID USA

DDP 391 San Juan, Puerto Rico

BAJ 392 Sterling, CO USA

EUR 392 Eureka, MT USA

PNA 392 Pinedale, WY USA

DQ 394 Dawson Creek, BC Canada

ENZ 394 Nogales, AZ USA

5V 395 Drumheller, AB Canada

ULS 395 Ulysses, KS USA

YL 395 Lynn Lake, MB Canada

PA 396 Everett, WA USA

SB 397 San Bernardino, CA USA

ZSS 397 Saskatoon, SK Canada

ENS 400 Ensenada, Mexico

FN 400 Fort Collins, CO USA

HU 400 Sacramento, CA USA

QQ 400 Comox, BC Canada

VQ 400 Alamosa, CO USA

AZC 403 Colorado City, AZ US

HEQ 404 Holyoke, CO USA

MOG 404 Montague, CA USA

OLF 404 Wolf Point, MT USA

YLJ 406 Meadow Lake, SK Canada

CHD 407 Chandler, AZ USA

PRZ 407 Portales, NM USA

MW 408 Moses Lake, WA USA

Z7 408 Claresholm, AB Canada

6Z 410 La Loche, SK Canada

DAO 410 Ft. Huachuca, AZ USA

GDV 410 Glendive, MT USA

HMM 410 Hamilton, MT USA

RD 411 Redmond, OR USA

OEG 413 Yuma Proving Ground, AZ USA

YHD 413 Dryden, ON Canada

LYI 414 Libby, MT USA

PYD 414 Groom Lake, NV USA

RPB 414 Belleville, KS USA

SKX 414 Taos, NM USA

Y 414 Regina, SK Canada

IEE 415 Oil Platform Irene, California Coast

LO 415 West Yellowstone, MT USA

CEK 420 Crete, NE USA

CKP 423 Cherokee, IA USA

SYW 428 Greenville, TX USA

AYB 430 Auburn, NE USA

HMY 512 Lexington, OK USA

CL 515 Port Angeles, WA USA

PN 515 Ponka City, OK USA

SAK 515 Lake Kalispell, MT USA

INE 521 Missoula, MT USA

ICW 525 Nenana, AK Alaska

OJ 526 Olathe, KS USA

RWE 526 Camp Roberts, CA USA

SQM 529 Level Island, AK Alaska

AZC 403 Colorado City, AZ USA.

Contributed By: Phil Atchley, KO6BB 

Merced, California, USA, 37.18N 120.29W CM97sh.

Antennas: Alpha Delta Twin Sloper and Hustler 6BTV

R-390A '67 EAC.

HALLICRAFTERS SX-71 ('53) & 5R10A ('53).

REALISTIC DX-160 ('78).

HOMEBREW Longwave CW receiver.

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