Replacement Dials for the SX-28
By Doug Moore, KB9TMY
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There are three sets of SX-28 artworks. These are for the main dial, bandspread dial, and S-meter as a set. The first artwork with suffix BW is with no tinting, or in Black and White. The second and third are color approximations for aging 10 years and 25 years. (The dials changed color over the years.)

These artworks were created with Corel Draw by using a photograph of the originals as a TEMPLATE over which NEW artwork was created. They are thus originals, free of photographic abberations.

They can be printed on good quality bond paper using an inkjet or laser printer, then bonded to .020 PETC plastic or similar using something like Eastman EC-77 adhesive.

I have used the original mounting flanges by grinding off the swaged portion, removing the old pieces, then reassembling with a new dial eliminating the rear washer so as to give space to swage the assembly together again. I have also used locking panel bushings with success to mount the dials.

Direct any questions to Doug Moore I am no longer a member of ARRL so do not have a forwarding address there, though my call, KB9TMY is still active.


Doug Moore

SX-28 Dial Set BW Click here to enlarge image.

SX-28 Dials - 10 Years Click here to enlarge image.

SX-28 Dials - 25 Years Click here to enlarge image.

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