Meet Net Control!
Duane Fischer, W8DBF, the Voice of W9WZE

email: Net Control

QSL Card de W8DBF.

My name is Duane Fischer W8DBF. I am the HHI Net Controller. My QTH is in Flint, Michigan, USA. I am totally blind, housebroken, grill a mean Porterhouse steak on my Lean Mean Fat Grilling machine and am a professional Magician/Illusionist by trade.

I was first licensed on August 8, 1998 as a Technician No Code. I upgraded to General on October 29, 1998. I upgraded to Extra on October 4, 2000. I love Amateur Radio and I also love short-wave listening. Becoming a Ham radio operator was a childhood dream of mine that came true. Thanks to Mark Decker K8UZJ - where ever you are, Don Archer W8BAV and Jim Shaker W8QLR.

A very special celestial thanks to W9WZE William Halligan Sr. for allowing all of us, Ham radio operators, SWL devotees and radio hobbyists for allowing us the chance to share in his dream come true also. I am the Trustee of the W9WZE call sign and it will be used for all of our HHI special events.

Net Control in Operation, Flint, MI. Click here to enlarge image.

Thanks for surfing by and taking the time to read about our HHI Amateur Radio Nets. I am looking forward to talking with, and meeting , a whole plethora of you in the coming weeks, months and years ahead. So, don't be a stranger! Stop by with a tale to tell, a gaseous tube to pass or your 'hope' chest to fill with things that go glow in the dark. That is why we are here.

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