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International Short-Wave Broadcast Schedules Made Easy

HHI Special THANKS! To Daniel Sampson

Frogzilla Commandeers DNR SW Station In Michigan!

Author, Duane Fischer, W8DBF

It has been reported by normally unreliable sources residing in the Butt High To A Giraffe Thigh swamp northeast of Flint, Michigan that Frogzilla and a whole host of green skinned web footed associates have taken over the Department of Natural Resources informational radio station on the campus of the B.A. Tadpole agricultural college. Early reports claim that Frogzilla power flushed the adjacent Olympic size swimming pool to rid it of chlorine and filled it through fire hoses attached to the botanical garden fountain display.

A near sighted Biology professor reported that he thought he saw hundreds of small Frogs splashing in the large aquarium where exotic species of luminescent Perch and glow in the dark Bass were being studied in the dark by photophobic students wearing loin cloths. He said that Lily pads were being flipped into the air and caught by the Frogs faster than teenagers flip burghers at a fast food restaurant. He was greatly concerned over the ecological impact that transplanting the Lily pads from the aquarium into the swimming pool would have on the overall mental stability of the fish. At last report he was lying prone on the high dive board above the Olympic pool chatting in Pig Latin and dropping packets of seaweed seed into the gurgling water below.

Students reported hearing a strange voice over the normally automated college DNR frequency that sounded like a very large Frog clearing his throat and doing the musical scales with a series of croaking sounds. Then a hoarse voice stunned them all as Frogzilla himself announced that he had devised a way to cause all Frog legs being pan fried to kick themselves onto the floor and Square dance whenever Country music is heard in the background. He cautioned that putting a metal lid on the cast iron frying pan only caused the kicking legs to join webbed toes and promenade around the pan setting up a harmonic vibration that typically caused any china dishes in a forty foot radius to crumble like a cookie somebody stepped on! At last report he was giving instructions on how to spray humans with PAM, startle them with a loud CROAK! and watch them slide across the floor into a nearby wall. Thus rendering them unconscious and less annoying.

Author: Duane B. Fischer, W8DBF

Daniel Sampson Slays Propagation Dragons!

WEWN - EWTN Global Catholic Radio

Shortwave Frequency Guide

Effective October 26 2006 - March 25, 2007

UTC N Am English LAm Spanish Eur/Afr English

0000 5810 11870/7540 5810

0100 5810 13615/7540 5810

0200 5810 13615/7540 5810

0300 5810 13615/7540 5810

0400 5850 13615/7540 5810

0500 5850 11870/7540 7570

0600 5850 11870/7540 7570

0700 5850 11870/7540 7570

0800 5850 11870/7540 OFF AIR

0900 5850 11870/7540 OFF AIR

1000 5850 11870/7540 OFF AIR

1100 5850 11870/7540 OFF AIR

1200 9955 13615/9885 OFF AIR

1300 9955 13615/9885 OFF AIR

1400 9955 15745/9885 OFF AIR

1500 9450 15745/9885 OFF AIR

1600 9450 15745/9885 15785

1700 9450 15745/9885 15785

1800 9450 15745/9885 15785

1900 9450 15745/9885 15785

2000 9450 15745/9885 15785

2100 6890 15745/9885 15785

2200 9975 13615/9355 7560

2300 9975 13615/9355 7560

(EWTN website via Daniel Sampson, Prime Time Shortwave)

Sampson Speaks: Headphones Down And Heads Up!

The first issue of the B-07 English shortwave schedules is now available at Prime Time Shortwave, http://www.primetimeshortwave.com The next update should be sometime during next week. The schedules are available in ASCII, DBase and Excel formats with sorts by time, country and frequency. The PalmOS file will be available once Daniel Lyddy updates it. An ASCII sort by country is located at http://www.primetimeshortwave.com/country.txt and an ASCII sort by time is located at http://www.primetimeshortwave.com/time.txt

Something new this time. There a now listings to five target areas for those who would like a shorter listing. These areas as Africa, Americas, Asia/Oceania, Europe and Middle East. Keep in mind there will be easily heard stations targeting to other areas that can be heard but not listed. For example in the Americas you can easily hear Deutsche Welle and Radio Australia although they don't target the Americas.

Contributed By: Daniel Sampson Wisconsin, USA

R. France Int'l B06 English to Africa

0400-0430 7315 du 29.10.06 au 25.03.07, 9805 du 29.10.06 au 25.03.07, 11700

0500-0530 9825 du 27.03.05 au 04.09.05, 11995, 15160 du 29.10.06 au 25.03.07, 13680 du 29.10.06 au 25.03.07

0600-0630 15160, 17800

0700-0800 15605

1200-1230 17815, 21620

1400-1500 15615, 7180, 9580, 15615 du 29.10.06 au 25.03.07

1600-1700 7170, 17605, 15605, 15605

1700-1730 7170, 17605, 15605, 15605

(R. France Int'l website, via Daniel Sampson, Prime Time Shortwave)

R. Japan

*Starting at 10:00 a.m. (Japan Standard Time) on Sunday October 29, frequencies for NHK World Radio Japan will change.

October 29, 2006-March 25, 2007


0000-0015 13650, 17810 Southeast Asia

0000-0100 6145 Canada relay East North America

0100-0200 11860 Singapore relay, 17810 Southeast Asia

0100-0200 11935 Bonaire relay South America

0100-0200 15325 Southwest Asia

0100-0200 17685 Oceania

0100-0200 17825 Central America

0100-0200 17825 North America

0100-0200 17845 Asian Continent

0100-0200 6030 United Kingdom relay, 17560 Middle East & North Africa

0300-0400 21610 Oceania

0500-0600 17810 Southeast Asia

0500-0600 5975 United Kingdom relay Europe

0500-0600 6110 Canada relay West North America

0500-0700 15195 Asian Continent

0500-0700 21755 Oceania

0500-0700 7230 United Kingdom relay Europe

0600-0700 11690 Central America

0600-0700 11690 North America

0600-0700 11715, 11760 Far East Russia

0600-0700 11740 Singapore relay Southeast Asia

0600-0700 17870 Hawaii

1000-1100 17585 United Arab Emirates relay Europe

1000-1100 17720 United Arab Emirates relay Middle East & North Africa

1000-1100 21755 Oceania

1000-1200 11730 Asian Continent

1000-1200 6120 Canada relay East North America

1000-1200 9695 Southeast Asia

1400-1500 11840 Sri Lanka relay Oceania

1400-1600 7200 Southeast Asia

1400-1600 9875 Southwest Asia

1500-1600 6190 Asian Continent

1500-1600 9505 Central America

1500-1600 9505 North America

1700-1800 11970 Europe

1700-1800 15355 Gabon relay South Africa

1700-1800 9535 Central America

1700-1800 9535 North America

2100-2200 11855 Ascension relay Central Africa

2100-2200 17825 North America

2100-2200 21670 Hawaii

2100-2200 6035 Singapore relay Oceania

2100-2200 6090 United Kingdom relay, 6180 United Kingdom relay Europe

(English excerpt resorted from PDF file from Radio Japan website, Daniel Sampson, Prime Time Shortwave)

Radio Exterior de Espana, Spain, English 29 Oct, 2006-24 Mar., 2007

0000-0059 6055 America

2000-2059 11680 Monday-Friday Africa

2000-2059 9680 Monday-Friday Europe

2200-2259 11625 Sunday Africa

2200-2259 6125 Saturday-Sunday Europe

(excerpt of English from foreign languages via REE website, Daniel Sampson, Prime Time Shortwave)

Overcomer Ministry schedule effective Oct. 29.

freq station target power days UTC

3185 WWRB N. America 100 kW Daily 0500-1200

9385 WWRB N. America 100 kW Daily 1200-2200

15250 WWRB S. America 100 kW ? 1600-2100

6890 WWRB N. America 100 kW Daily 2200-0500

5085 WWRB N. America 100 kW Daily 0500-1200

9785 TDF Europe 250 kW Sun-Fri 2100-2159

17815 TDF N. America 250 kW Sabbath 1500-1700

6110 Juelich Europe 100 kW Daily 1300-1500

13810 Juelich Europe & ME 100 kW Daily 1400-1600

13855 Juelich Africa 100 kW Daily 1800-1900

This chart is effective starting Oct. 29th.

(schedule from Overcomer Ministry website with extranious info removed, via Daniel Sampson, Prime Time Shortwave)

Osterrich 1, Austria English B-06 schedule 29 Oct 2006-24 March 2007

0005-0030 NA Su-M 7325

0013-0028 NA Tu-Sa 7325

0033-0100 NA Su-M 7325

0043-0058 NA Tu-Sa 7325

0605-0620 ME M 17870

0605-0630 ME Sa-Su 17870

0635-0700 ME Sa-Su 17870

0645-0700 ME Tu-F 17870

1305-1320 As,Oc M 17855

1305-1320 Eu,Af M 6155, 13730

1305-1330 As,Oc Sa-Su 17855

1305-1330 Eu,Af Sa-Su 6155, 13730

1315-1330 As,Oc Tu-F 17855

1335-1400 As,Oc Sa-Su 17855

1335-1400 Eu,Af Sa-Su 6155, 13730

1345-1400 As,Oc M 17855

1345-1400 As,Oc Tu-F 17855

1345-1400 Eu,Af Tu-F 6155, 13730

1605-1620 NA M 13675ca

1605-1630 NA Sa-Su 13675ca

1615-1630 NA Tu-F 13775ca

1635-1700 NA Sa-Su 13675ca

1645-1700 NA M 13675ca

1645-1700 NA Tu-F 13775ca

2335-2400 LA Su-M 9870

2343-2358 LA Tu-Sa 9870

(English reorganized excerpt frm Osterrich 1 website, via Daniel Sampson, Prime Time Shortwave)

Vatican Radio English B-06

0140-0200 5915, 7335 Asia & Oceania

0215-0220 12070 Asia & Oceania

0250-0320 7305, 9610 America

0300-0330 7360 Africa

0500-0530 7360, 9660, 11625 Africa

0600-0620 4005, 7250 Europe

0630-0700 7360, 9660, 11625 Africa

0730-0745 Mon-Sat 15595 Asia & Oceania

0730-0745 Mon-Sat 4005, 6185, 7250, 9645, 11740, 15595 Europe

0730-0745 Mon-Sat 9645, 15595 Africa

1130-1200 Mass 15595, 17765 Asia & Oceania

1130-1200 Mass 15595, 17765 Africa

1515-1530 9310, 11850, 13765 Asia & Oceania

1530-1600 Mass 9310, 11850, 13765 Asia & Oceania

1715-1730 9635 Asia & Oceania

1715-1730 4005, 7250, 9645, 9635 Europe

1715-1730 9635 Africa

1730-1800 9755, 11625, 13765 Africa

1945-2015 9800 drm America

2000-2030 7365, 9755, 11625 Africa

2050-2120 4005, 5885, 7250 Europe

2300-2330 7370 drm America

Schedule OC created on 25 Oct 2006

(English excerpt, times adjusted, via Vatican Radio website, via Daniel Sampson, Prime Time Shortwave)

How much credibility should we grant to the panel of solar researchers and scientists that again releases a speculative prediction of the new Solar Cycle (the 24th since accurate solar cycle records have been kept)? Panel chairman Doug Biesecker of the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center states, "If our prediction is correct, Solar Cycle 24 will have a peak sunspot number of 90, the lowest of any cycle since 1928 when Solar Cycle 16 peaked at 78."

NASA's lead representative on the panel, Dean Pesnell of the Goddard Space Flight Center, adds, "It turns out that none of our models were totally correct... The sun is behaving in an unexpected and very interesting way."

What I find entertaining is the self-importance prevalent in the solar science community, by both professional and some amateur participants. Pesnell states the obvious, "In our professional careers, we've never seen anything quite like it."

Yeah, how many solar cycles can one experience during their professional life? The average cycle lasts between 11 and 12 years in length. But the Sun is millions of years old. In my view, it is pretty arrogant to postulate that mankind has any real understanding and handle on what the Sun might do next. Pesnell, again: "Go ahead and mark your calendar for May 2013, but use a pencil."

If none of the models are totally correct, how are they making this current prediction with such dismal expectations? I'm not holding my breath in favor of supporting any of the predictions, at this point.

No one can postulate with any credibility just how intense the new cycle will be, because there's no direct correlation between this solar minimum and any regular pattern of past minimums. In 2008 and 2009, the sun was quieter than any period during the 'Space Age' (again, a very short time of reference in relation to the millions of years of solar history). During the last two years, we've seen low sunspot counts, weak solar wind, low solar irradiance, and a period without a significant solar flare.

What does all of this mean in the real world of amateur communications? With the slow yet sure increase in solar activity during recent months as seen with the emergence of more frequent small sunspots (many of which are new cycle spots) and 'proto-sunspots', there is hope that the sun is waking, at least. Other evidence that the sun is experiencing an increase in solar cycle activity is the 'zonal flows' (enormous currents of plasma on the sun's surface) that are gaining strength and slowly drifting toward the sun's equator. Tiny but significant increases in solar radio emissions are being observed. All these things are precursors of an awakening Solar Cycle 24.

Even this little of an increase in solar activity has brought some welcomed increase in excitement on the amateur radio bands. With continued very low geomagnetic activity, any slight increase in solar activity that strengthens the ionosphere translates to noticeable enhancements to radiowave propagation over many radio paths on the middle to low HF (high-frequency) bands.

The Panel expects another year of very quiet conditions. They expect the cycle to peak in 2013, which means a rapid rise in activity between 2010 and 2013. Whatever the final level of activity, one thing will likely happen: a rapid and chaotic rise in geomagnetic activity, at times at major storm levels, will occur. Enjoy the unique propagation opportunities currently presenting themselves during this quiet phase, because the game will change in the next few years, regardless of whose predictions hold true.

Prepare now for whatever the sun will do, by honing your radio skills, increasing the efficiency of your antenna system, and participate in the on-the-air opportunities to be a part of the solar cycle story. As the story unfolds, be an active player and record as best you can your activity, what the sun is doing. I keep a log of all the solar data, on a daily basis, and I record my contacts made, antenna and power used, modes, and other observations. This information might reveal new and interesting facts as we journey forward in this new solar cycle.

=========================================================== 73 de NW7US, Tomas David Hood - Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist QTH: Bitterroot Valley of Montana -- DN36an / CW, DIGI, HF Main Page: http://hfradio.org/ http://tomas-david-hood.com/ AM Operating Mode: http://amradio.org/ CW / Morse Code Operation: http://cw.hfradio.org/ Propagation and Space Weather: http://prop.hfradio.org/ Digital Operation Resources: http://digital.hfradio.org/

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