Definition Key For Short-Wave Logging Abbreviations
Contributed by: Sheryl Paszkiewicz

             North American Short Wave Association
                    (NASWA) Abbreviations

ABT: about
ANMTS: announcements
AR: Arabic
BOH: bottom of hour
BX: broadcast
CH: Chinese
CX: conditions
EG: English
FR: French
GD: good
GM: German
HC: Ecuadorian
HG: Hungarian
HRD: heard
HVY: heavy
ID: identification
IN: Indonesian
IS: interval signal
IT: Italian
JP: Japanese
KR: Korean
LCL: local
LV: La Voz
LVL: level
MOD: moderate modulation
MX: music
NA: national anthem
NATL: national
NX: news
O/: over
OA: Peruvian
OM: old man
PGM: program
PT: Portuguese
QRM: interference
QRN: noise
R: radio
REL: religious
RN: radio national
RPT: report
RS: Russian
RX: receiver
SCI: song of the Coconut Islands
SP: Spanish
TLK: talk
TOH: top of the hour
U/: under
VCL: vocal
VO: voice of
VT: Vietnamese
VY: very
WX: weather
XMSN: transmission
XMTR: transmitter
YL: young lady
YR: your, year
YV: Venezuelan
ZY: Brazilian

This page last updated 26 Mar 2001.