Shortwave Listening Poem, Subject: Beacons

    Oh Beacon, Look What Thou Hast Done...
by Phil Atchley, KO6BB

This beaconeer is so attentive

Listening all the night alone

Was once a ham, radio-active

Beacon look what thou hast done

That very special mic and key

Now moldy, dusty, green and gray

Was once the pride of KO6BB

He used them every night and day

Transmitter sits so cold and dark

Whose meter shows no ALC

Still recalls a day in the park

When HE was star of FD, DXCC

Antenna tall with Grace and Poise

Hurled CQ's through the ether clear

Now battles with the T-storm noise

To hear those beacons far and near

Receiver alone still shines and sings 

Speaks no longer with accents strange

But from distant airfield brings

The Sirens song with no exchange

Loudspeaker with it's voice so deep

Brought the news from BBC

Has been replaced by headset cheap

Cries a tear that none can see

The hamlog fat with distant QSO

Sits beneath the "lists" so many

Longs to record "559, QSL via buru"

Knows for sure there won't be any


Oh Beacon with thy Siren song

What hast thou done to those so strong


Philip Atchley, KO6BB

August 2001

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