The Frogzilla Files!
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Just who, or what, is Frogzilla?

He is the very large mythical super Frog that inhabits the back yard pond of Author Duane Fischer, W8DBF. Click here for detailed photo of an alleged actual sighting, and click here for an artist's rendition of the elusive and camera-shy monster.

Frogzilla accidentally became the amphibious mascot for the Halligans Hallicrafters International group and sort of took on a life of his own. Click here to read the introductory story on how it all began.

We hope you enjoy the adventures of Frogzilla and his myriad of lily pad dwellers. The Twelve Tales leading up to his Frogship's appearance will be shown one per week, and then repeated. Click here to read this week's tale from the pond.

A new Frogzilla File Adventure will be displayed each month. Click here to read this month's Frogzilla File Adventure.

Thank you for visiting the Kingdom of Hallicrafters. Enjoy touring our enchanted castle of vacuum tube technology. You just never know when his Frogship will appear, so keep your eyes open and a smile ready.

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